Friday, May 6, 2011


Hey team! So the year is finally over and after a week of late nights, 12 boxes of junk, a bicycle, 20 lbs of art for my reviews and day of rest, I'm officially home for the summer! Here, then, is the last of my work for this year:
First up was my final for Chuck's Children's Book Illustration class. First off, this was probably the most enjoyable class I've had so far in my time at CCS. At first, I wasn't very thrilled with how this last project went, which upset me because I really loved Robin Hood the more I read about it while researching for this poster, but everyone including Chuck loved it during our critique and after I got the huge print of it on some quality paper, I was much happier with it, now I love it! So go figure hah.

And now, the most fun project I've ever worked on. For my final in Tradigital, we put ourselves into groups and basically did whatever the heck we wanted. My group, who were made up of myself and my good friends Lauren Hilliker and Frank Zerilli. We made up a fictional band and split up all of the work that would go into promoting them. Lauren handled their apparel, Frank did advertisements for their shows and I did art and packaging for their albums. I really loved making up everything and then actually putting it together. I made up 13 songs for their album, and chose 3 singles and made a couple of 45s also, as well as a 12" vinyl and a regular cd.

Here's the back of the album
 And the front.
 And here's the inside.
 Here's some of my pictures that I laid out for the inside of the booklet.
And here is (from left to right) the back and front of the booklet.
We named our band "Go-Kart", I came up with it and threw it in a list of a bunch of others as well, and it stuck out the most for all of us. I think it gave us a good amount of imagery to work with but still left a lot open to interpretation. Being named "Go-Kart" and given the style I worked in, I started looking at a lot of vintage posters for the Monaco Grand Prix, and boom I decided I'd name the album "Monaco". I took most of my inspiration from bands like Arctic Monkeys, Phoenix and Mystery Jets.

Finally, I had my review just last night and it went incredibly, super-duperly, awesomely awesome! I had my recent teacher Liz Kerner and my soon to be senior studio teacher, Dave Chow. They both really loved my work and I got nothing but compliments and it just put a seal of awesome-ness to what, I think, was a real breakthrough year for me. Looking back I know I've come a long way and I can't wait to work all through summer and into next year! Here's a look at my set-up for my review, it's nothing too exciting but why not?

Lots of work! Also, unfortunately, I didn't have the chance to photograph my records in their complete and awesome phase of completion before I submitted them to the student show, but never-fear gang, I will as soon as I get them back- or if they make it into the show, even sooner! The opening night of the show is next Friday, May 13th, so expect a buncha pictures from me, or heck just come on down and see some awesome art!
See you soon,
Marinko Milosevski

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