Thursday, October 27, 2011

So many thangs

So in the craziness of the year and going to New York and all of the amazing things that have been happening, I've kinda forgotten about this lil guy, so here's a mess of stuff!

Next are a slew (7) posters for a few upcoming shows by the greatest band in the world, Arctic Monkeys. They're all inspired to some degree by their newest album, "Suck it and See". The top 3 are for three shows in Paris over a week at the end of January/beginning of February, and the other 4 are for their upcoming UK arena tour, these are probably the most fun thing I've worked on- and I know I say that about everything but there it is again.

And finally, for Editorial Painting with Cathy, we were given this story, "The Hare's Mask" about this kid whose dad's family kept rabbits during WWII and every week he'd have to kill one for his family to eat. There's actually a lot more to the story, but it's incredibly hard to summarize. Anyway, I tried something new-ish and I love how it came out and I looked at the piece and it was begging for some Futura so I threw the title on it.

Thanks for checking it all out dudes!
-Marinko M

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  1. Hello!
    I tried to email you, but it would not let me. But I saw your booth at Noel Night and am interested in buying the small Detroit Lions poster that I saw. I was with my dad, so I did not want to buy it in front of him, is there a way I can still purchase it? My email: