Sunday, March 11, 2012


Hey guys, remember this piece?

Well around February, my teachers collected a bunch of work from a bunch of students here to submit to the Society of Illustrators student competition in New York and out of over 8,000 or so submissions from all over the country, they picked four pieces from CCS students, including me! Its a super duper honor to have my piece go up with such other talented people, including my fellow students/friends/all-around-good-people MeredithMillie, and Phil!

So, I had to frame the piece and it was a grand-ole time trying to find a 20"x27" frame and a place to cut glass, so after three trips to Michaels and four or five cuts on my hands, here she is, ready to go to New York!
I might have gotten some blood on the back of the matte... that just adds to the piece though, right?

-Stay spooky,
Marinko M.

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