Thursday, February 7, 2013

Screen Printing!

Hey there guys! So a lots been going on lately, I've gotten to do a few posters for two great artists when they came through Detroit, Ed Sheeran and fun. Both were a lot of (excuse the pun) fun to do and I even got to print the actual posters, so anyone that has one, all of it has been done by myself from start to finish! Here are the posters themselves:

2 colors/18x24

3 colors/18x24

Hope you guys like 'em! I'll be posting pictures of the process and the actual posters soon!

-Marinko Milosevski

1 comment:

  1. ED SHEERAN is looking better than the first one instead using light because i like light colors when it comes to screen designing but design is perfect. In ED SHEERAN, good color combination has been used.