Friday, October 29, 2010

Buncha Stuff

So its mid-terms time so it's been a little crazy around here (durr). Anyway heres a bunch of stuff that I finally have to time to put up.
Heres a drawing from a while back, our first good in class from Anatomy. It was hanging on the wall forever so I didn't get to scan it in until now (not that I'm complaining). But here it is after some photoshopin', ready to go in the sketchbook.
On the Image Making Two side, we designed a munny which is a super hip and cool vinyl toy by kid robot that buy and design while you sip on lattes at starbucks on your Mac full of super hip music that you only listen to on vinyl anyway, like the toy. BUT ANYWAY, here's my design, done in Adobe Illustrator, I really like how it turned out:
Our project after this, was to design a t-shirt for Product (Red) which is a Justice League-like group of companies that sell shit to fight the AIDS. I did some Ostriches because, lets face it, their legs bend the other way.

And heres the design on a shirt:
Thats all I've got for nowsies folks, I've got a bunch more I'm working on, looking forward to finishing it. Comments on any of these are greatly welcome. Thanks for checking it out dudes!
-Marinko Milosevski

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