Saturday, October 30, 2010


So for my Art Education class, we had to design a piece based around the Gestalt principle, which is basically a pattern or configuration that makes up a greater whole that you wouldn't be able to make out without all of the pieces together.
Interesting, right?
Anyway, here's my piece which I had a very fun time doing:
Full color.
And black and white, because- unfortunately- it has to be in black and white for some reason.

We also have to do 7 spot illustrations for my Image Making II class. The assignment is spread over the whole semester with two being due in pairs every few weeks. Also, every different spot has to utilize a different tool that we learn in Illustrator around then. The first two are due Tuesday and I love how mine turned out, so here they are!
The first one is to contain just flat color and a gradiant, I hate gradiants, but when it was all done, you could barely tell where the gradiant is, which is exactly how I wanted them to turn out, I didn't want to beat anyone over the head with it. Anyways, this first ones "Pride".

The second one had to use the symbol sprayer tool, which is also something I doubt I'll use very much, but I think I pulled it off pretty well. The "symbol" that was sprayed is the steam coming out of his coffee.

So, there they are guys, opinions and comments are welcome, thanks for checking 'em out!

- Marinko Milosevski

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