Friday, November 12, 2010

Some New Things

Hey friends, I've been super duper busy, but heres some things I've been working on!

Here's a revised and finished version of my black and white Gestalt piece. I took some advice from our critique from the people that knew what they were talking about, and instead of just taking my colored version and grayscale-ing it, I actually composed it in black and white and let the color of the paper color it in a little. Anyway, I enjoy how it came out, so its worth it.

So, I've already started thinking about my reviews even though its only November, but I realized just a simple print of my Product (RED) t-shirt design would be pretty boring, so I decided to make it into a fun poster! I've been getting pretty fast at turning these posters out- once I finally finish an actual design of course- so I'm excited to keep these coming.
Our next project for Image Making II was to copy a picture of a chair our teacher gave us only using blends and gradients. I'm really happy with how mine came out and Matt really got into too so that's awesome. Not sure how good the quality is on here, but theres super subtle wood texture throughout the chair that made the file uber-big. But anyways....

Of course, I couldn't just show that boring old chair for my reviews, so I give you the "Ostermann Broadback" the finest in luxury chairs of it's time.

Hope you guys enjoyed it, comments are welcome, thanks for stopping by!
-Marinko M

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