Thursday, March 3, 2011

Das Über Post

Hey team, things have been crazy the last few days (weeks? I don't even know anymore) anyways, needless to say I've been hard at work on some creations, so why don't I just put 'em up already?
Here's a whole new batch of posters for my book, which has a name now! More on that later.

I've got a few more that I'm putting the finishing touches on now, but I just couldn't wait any longer to get these out there. The more I've been working on these the more fun I've been having, its been a great way to just let loose and see what happens with my art and I think I've gotten a lot of great portfolio pieces so far. All of these feel special to me, which means I always try to get them as close to perfect as possible, which leads me to never wanting to post them because that means they're "done". Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy looking at 'em as much as I did making them. I've got a good few more that I'm putting the finishing touches on right now, along with a Children's Book project for The Jungle Book and a book jacket design for Dracula! Those should all be up within the next week!
Thanks for stopping by dudes!

Also! Any of these or any other past posters you guys see on here are available as prints. If anyone is interested in getting a signed print on 300lb watercolor paper (good stuff guys) feel free to contact me through an e-mail!

Gearing up for break,

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