Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Other stuff!

Hey team, so here's my final project for Pat's head painting class.
 Her portrait was painted with oil on canvas, then I scanned her in and added all of the fun stuff!
And then I got it all printed out on some nice canvas by good ol' Bob at Graphics Factory, got an old frame out, painted her up and then framed the picture!

Oh and here are some of those snazzy shots I always see designers and websites put up of stuff that wasn't on just regular paper, so here are some close-ups of the texture and piece:

 This project and the whole class in general were a ton of fun, Pat is a wonderful teacher and it was great having her again as an upperclassmen and knowing a lot more than the poor, scared little freshmen I was in her Figure 1 class 2 years ago. Even though my work and her work is completely different, she was still incredibly helpful and informative, which goes to show if you know your stuff, you know your stuff. The class totally flew by, but it was great! Thanks for stopping by guys!
-Marinko M.

On a side note, I'm growing my hair out, and it's going to look, hopefully, like Nick O'Malley's or Jack White's, who look surprisingly alike- hair-wise and features. Me and my friend and fellow illustrator, Lauren Hilliker, are coming back in the fall to CCS as the coolest people in Detroit (i.e. we have leather jackets and black jeans). But my hair aspirations aside, thanks for stopping by!

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